E-Learning-Kurs „Frühe Hilfen und frühe Interventionen im Kinderschutz“

Online-Kurs für medizinisch-therapeutische und pädagogische Berufe - "Prävention von sexuellem Kindesmissbrauch"



Die Kampagne „Kein Raum für Missbrauch“



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10.12.2014: Veranstaltung "Expert meeting on the prevalence of sexual abuse"

Prevention of child sexual abuse and successful interventions need a sound data-base.

During the next year a research team at the University of Ulm will prepare a report to the Independent Commissioner of the German Government on the current state of epidemiological research on child sexual abuse in Germany and future needs related to surveillance of this field. In this context, we have invited three outstanding experts and researchers in this field: Prof. David Finkelhor, Nico Tromcé and Carl Göran Svedin

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