Coordinated Response to Child Abuse and Neglect via a Minimum Data Set: from planning to practice (CAN-MDS II)

The CAN-MDS II project targets to:

  • ensure the availability of necessary resources, training modules & toolkits for building the capacity of professionals working with/for children in reporting & registering CAN cases;
  • pilot the CAN-MDS system in real conditions at different levels in 6 MS for testing the extent the system is able to
  • improve cooperation of professionals within & between child well-being- sectors, increase reporting & facilitate the administration of CAN cases;
  • provide -at a case level- comprehensive & reliable data essential to inform prevention, identification, reporting, referral, investigation, treatment, judicial involvement & follow-up
  • provide -at a population level- aggregated data essential to identify trends, measure responses & feed into policy Development.

George Nikolaidis (ICH, Athens, Greece)

Andreas Jud (Ulm) und verschiedene weitere Partner in Bulgarien, Griechenland, Frankreich, Spanien, Rumänien und Zypern


European Commission, Directorate General Justice and Consumers